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Final Tables R US
  D_Finkle, Aug 05 2007

Just made another final table of a HORSE event. I should be happy with the outcome as i was down to 2000 at 14 people left, but I'm not thrilled with the finish. 88 person event. 16.50 buy-in. I got 3rd for 182 dollars. Another nice finish, but when we were 3-handed, i was the chipleader. A 9 flop comes K 9 4.... he bets, i call.... Q... he bets i call..... A... he bets.... cap. He flips over AA.... i shouldn't have put the 4th bet in. I'm not happy with that... and I only lose 5k in chips (instead of 20k) if ANY other card in the deck hits. I'll shut up now. I should just be happy with 3rd i guess.

Off to Babies R Us to register for the baby shower for my wife.

Good luck at the tables everyone!

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Another Horse tourney and The Bourne Ultimatum
  D_Finkle, Aug 04 2007

I played 3 tournies today... a 15 dollar horse tourney in which i took a rough beat hitting a K in stud hi/lo, where only a 10, J, Q or K does not improve my hand (i was the only player w/ a shot at the low). Then played in a razz satelite tourney for the WCOOP. I saw 77 hands 6, 7, and 8 handed.... i won 2. GG. Then I played a 1500 FPP horse sat for the WCOOP. Myself and a guy named DonaldTrump took it down. So congrats to him as well. He played it really well at the end. We had been at the same table for most of the tournament and though we mixed it up a little bit, we stayed out of each other's way for the most part as we had been the two chipleaders.

Also, if you have not seen the Bourne Ultimatum yet, and are a fan of the series... WOW... go see this movie. I have not seen a movie more than once in theaters since i was 9 years old and watched Wayne's World for 2 bucks each time. I will probably go see this one in theaters again. It is that good.

Good luck at the tables everybody!

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  D_Finkle, Aug 02 2007

In my last 10 attempts at the nightly 11 dollar horse tourney i have made the money in 7, including 4 final tables, and..... after tonight...... 2 wins. The tourney tonight went farely well after the 2nd razz session. Razz of course has been my bread and butter for the last few months so i was able to take advantage of some timely hands there. I made it to the final table as the chipleader (125k)and got down to 81k once after a guy hit a full boat on my in stud hi/lo. It was interesting hand as I thought he was playing for the low and I had make 2 pair (kings/somethings). But I obviously battled back and the big hand came when we were 5-handed. I was dealt JJ in the sb and saw a raise from the button. I 3-bet, only to be called by the bb and capped from the button. This made both other players pretty well pot committed as they had about 10-20k left each. When the flop came JJx.... we were 3-handed. :-) I ended up heads up playing omaha hi/lo, which i feel i'm proficient at, but is probably my worst game of the 5. I was able to scoop a couple decent pots, and from there just leaned on my opponent until it 385k vs. 28k. We got it in with something like 2358 for me vs. 889J for him. 2 pair of the flop for me = gg.

My cousin in Florida (Jim) happened to be watching as were my folks in Alexandria, KY so that was cool. Final tally for the win was 550 which was nice as while i was up on the day, i wasn't up much.

Also, I tied for 3rd in the greatest competition in the world on wednesday... but lost in a playoff. Heck of a comeback by me though if i must say so myself. i was even par through 13 and birdied 4 out of the last 5 holes to send it to the playoff. Final scores were (par 36) 31, 32, 32, for a total of 13 under par. Putt putt is fun.

Also, in real golf, i came within 3 and a half feet of my first ever hole in one on a 144 yard par 3 at Hickory Sticks Golf Course on Tuesday. finished birdie, par (lipped out the birdie put), bogey for a 97. That's a good score for me as I usually shoot around 100. I'll take it.

I went and saw my buddy Paul at the rehab center yesterday. He seems to be doing well and will be home on Monday. He's had brain cancer for the last 5 months and for a while lived with me during it. His optimism is awesome, and I think his spirituality helps him in that department. Keep him in your prayers if you will.

Sorry for being so long, but a lot has happened since my last post! I'm not sure if i will get to post tomorrow as I am coaching academic team practice, and going to see the new "Bourne" movie. Have a good one everybody!

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